Shireen Anwar Biography

Shireen Anwar is a standout amongst the most prominent culinary expert on Masala channel, she is the host of cooking show Masala Morning. Her genuineness and respectfulness has made her a most loved of everybody. Albeit numerous individuals don't know however Shireen Anwar did not figure out how to cook until after she was hitched, before marriage she says couldn't even broil an egg. Subsequent to getting hitched, she took proficient cooking classes in Pakistan, US, and UK, and India to appropriately figure out how to cook distinctive sorts of nourishment.

Shireen Anwar has 27 years of culinary experience and 2 cookbooks to her name. In spite of the fact that she can cook a wide range of nourishment from mainland to oriental, on the other hand she appreciates preparing and pastry making the most. Other than her TV program, she likewise offers cooking classes in Karachi


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